Kelly Marsh understands the importance of helping the community and as a resident of Brookhaven for twenty years she makes an effort to give back. Brookhaven, GA has almost 50,000 residents and many opportunities to help out the businesses, schools, and community events that take place often.Kelly-Marsh-compressor

This thriving community has supported Kelly and her business since she started fourteen years ago. Since that time she has grown Kelly Marsh & Associates to be the number one team in the area and through this process has furthered her deep respect for the city of Brookhaven and its citizens.

One of the ways that Kelly enjoys giving back is through her work at Ashford Park Elementary School. She is on the board and is their community business representative where she can use her knowledge of the local market and economy to help assist the school however they need. Kelly also uses to help donate money that the elementary school can use for supplies and furthuring the education of its students.

Another local project that Kelly enjoys being involved with is the Brookhaven Arts Festival. Kelly is in charge of the festival for 2015 and is excited to be back at the helm after ten years of running it in the past.

BrookhavenA new project that Kelly is working on is the Brookhaven Community Foundation. This is a new non-profit foundation founded by Kelly and her husband Joe. The goal will be to have contributions and money made through community events like the art festival to go back into the community where it is needed most. While it’s in the early stages, Kelly is looking forward to having another way to contribute to the Brookhaven community.