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Amazing Activities in Atlanta

Brookhaven is an amazing neighborhood that lies just outside of Atlanta. The combination of big city and small town makes for a perfect of balance between family and activity. And if you are feeling the need to do something fun in the city, look no further than these activities.


Kelly Marsh’s Top Things To Do:

Turner Field

Turner Field is amazing stadium to catch a Braves game or any other event. During the summer stay late and you’ll catch some nice fireworks.

Philips Arena

Make sure you check out the stellar lineup of events at Philips Arena every summer. In the wintertime don’t miss out on the best Hawks basketball team we’ve seen in a long time.

Georgia Dome

The Atlanta Falcons are working on a new stadium so make sure to catch them at the Georgia Dome while you still can.

The Varsity

Take a day trip to the largest drive-in restaurant in the world. The food is decent but the atmosphere is pure Southern history.

Centennial Olympic Games Museum

The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta were both historic and tragic. Relieve all of it at the Atlanta History Center.

Blind Willie’s

Atlanta has a strong music scene. Find time to go to Blind Willie’s and you’ll see some of the best Blues music you’ll see in Georgia.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

If you’ve ever seen a NASCAR event in person you know the exhilaration of just sitting in the stands. But, at Atlanta Motor Speedway you don’t just have to sit in the stands, you can be driven around the track at lightning fast speeds.

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Following an $8 million dollar renovation, Ebenezer Baptist Church looks like it did when Martin Luther King Jr. would give his sermons in the 60s.

Walking Tour

Whether you’re visiting or you’ve lived in Atlanta for a while you’ll learn something new about Atlanta’s history on a walking tour of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.