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Best Universities in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is an amazingly diverse and beautiful city that continues to grow. Some of the biggest employers in the United States are headquartered in Atlanta including the Home Depot, Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola. One of the main sources of Atlanta’s growth and diversity is the nationally ranked colleges that feed into this rich business community. These are the top ranked universities in Atlanta.


Emory University

Emory University in Atlanta was originally formed as Emory College in Oxford, Georgia. It is a private university known for its extensive research. It is ranked 5th in ratio of licensing revenue to money invested in research. Much of this can be attributed to pharmaceutical research and Emory’s healthcare system which is the largest in Georgia.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech began as a small trade school focused on mechanical engineering. It has since grown into a powerhouse international technical institute with satellite campuses in Asia and Europe. Georgia Tech is also well known for its athletics and its beautiful, modern campus and surrounding community.

Georgia State University (GSU)

Along with Georgia Tech (above), GSU is part of University System of Georgia’s public research universities. The university is located in downtown Atlanta so the majority of their 24,000 students commute. With 3500 faculty and a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, GSU helps contribute over a billion dollars a year to Atlanta’s economy.

Spelman College

Spelman is recognized as a top historically black female institute of higher education. Founded in the late 1800s as a Baptist female seminary, Spelman has grown into a top ranked university in the south. Spelman has the important distinction of being a top three producer of African-American graduates to attend medical school.

Morehouse College

Morehouse is also an all-male historically black university affiliated with Spelman College. Morehouse also began as a Baptist seminary. It has grown into a storied institution boasting Martin Luther King, Jr as an alumni.